Grilled Corn with Honey Butter
May 26, 2018
We love this time of year and all the outdoor grilling & delicious food that comes with it. Cooking on the grill while enjoying the beautiful weather seems to takes the work out of making dinner. And one less mess in the kitchen probably pleases everyone. It’s a win-win. One of our favorite sides is grilled sweet corn. It could be served solo too if you just need a quick treat. Either way, there’s really nothing better than biting into a crisp piece of corn with the perfect sweetness. This recipe is simple & fast but also tasty & filling. It’s one you’ll want to have on repeat all summer long. You friends & family will thank you!
Honey Balsamic Green Beans
May 04, 2018
These beans are a quick, easy side dish that will go great with any meal. They are anything but ordinary. 
Honey & Lemon Roasted Asparagus
Mar 30, 2018
Move over boring steamed asparagus, this Lemon Honey Roasted Asparagus is taking over. This sweet & citrusy side dish is the perfect addition to any dinner. 🍯🍋