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Finding pure honey is difficult.

What matters most to you when buying honey?

100% Pure and Natural

No additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients.

Ethically Sourced

Supporting sustainable beekeeping practices and environmental conservation.

Wide Variety

Explore a range of flavors and textures to suit every palate and recipe.

Certified Quality

Rigorous testing ensures the highest standards of purity and potency.

Honey Reimagined

Experience honey like never before with our specialty selections, including hot honey, whipped honey, whiskey honey, and honey for cheese.

Never run out of honey.

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Rocky Mountain Honey
Sourced from Idaho/California

Rocky Mountain Honey

Sourced from Montana


Teton Valley
Sourced from Wyoming/Idaho

Teton Valley

Big Sky Montana
Sourced from Montana

Big Sky Montana

Our Natural Process

When a bee has finished filling a cell in the hive, they’ll create a seal of wax to protect their honey. Once the beekeeper sees a wax seal on the frame, it means the honey is ready to be harvested from the hive box. After carefully removing the bees, the beekeeper transports the hive boxes to the extraction facility.

Step 1

At the extraction facility, the frames are removed from the hive boxes and placed into an uncapping machine. This machine gently cuts and removes the wax seals the bees created.

Step 2

To extract the honey from the frame, we place the frame into another machine that is similar to a centrifuge. Spinning the frame at a high speed forces the honey out of the cells, without damaging the honeycomb itself. The intact honeycomb is then put back into the hive box for the bees to fill with honey again.

Next is the filtration process. We pump the honey into a storage tank where it is minimally strained by running it through a series of mesh screens. The screens remove any foreign matter, such as bee parts and dirt. The screens allow for pollen, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes to pass through and remain in the honey. Our honey is considered to be unfiltered because overly filtering the honey removes the pollen, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. Our honey stays in the rawest form we can provide for the best health benefits.

Our honey is then packaged into large drums, sealed, coded, and moved off to our packing facility. There, each drum is tested for quality before it is gently warmed to remove any crystallization. During the heating process, we never overheat the honey (which can cause pasteurization)!

Now that the honey is ready, it is bottled, labeled, and boxed up to be shipped to various stores throughout Idaho, Montana, and Utah. Looking for a store?

Established in 1992

Rocky Mountain Honey has been a price leader in wholesale honey for over 20 years.

Located in the heart of the Intermountain West and owned by a third-generation bee enthusiast and beekeeper, we pride ourselves on high quality, USA Grade A honey.

In the Kitchen

From savory delights to tempting desserts, explore our curated collection of recipes that celebrate honey.