Our Story

Rocky Mountain Honey was established in 1992 as Gorder’s Honey by Ed Gorder in Blackfoot, Idaho. It was later bought by current owner David Dance in February 2015 where it then became Rocky Mountain Honey in 2017 and relocated in a new location in Idaho Falls, Idaho. David Dance is knee deep in the bee business these days. As a third-generation bee enthusiast, Dance does more than process honey for retailers. He is also a beekeeper who rents out his hives to farmers for pollination purposes.
Dance also owns a local bee farm located in Dillon Montana and Ucon Idaho called Beaverhead Honey Company which alongside other local beekeepers in Idaho, Utah, and Montana supplies Rocky Mountain all of its local honey. Beaverhead Honey Company ships bees to different farms because local bee populations can’t begin to meet the pollination demands of the farms, therefore by bringing in beehives farms can obtain higher agricultural yields. Locally, bees are used to pollinate crops such as alfalfa, canola, apples, oranges, and many more. Rocky Mountain Honey has been a price leader in wholesale honey for over 20 years, supplying honey to stores, bakers, and industry.
Located in the heart of the Intermountain West, we pride ourselves on high quality, USA Grade A product for retail sales and buy as much local honey as we can. We supply honey to retailers in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Utah. If you shop at Albertson’s, Broulim’s or WinCo, you may find it gracing the aisles on the top shelf. The Honey is slowly warmed up to a liquid state where it is then carefully screened not filtered for foreign matter such as bee parts and dirt. This process maintains all the wonderful characteristics of raw natural honey leaving vitamins, pollens, and enzymes. We then bottle the honey; this simple process leaves the honey in its purest state and ready for our valued consumer. We would like to welcome any new customers and send out appreciate to those that have been with us for decades