19 oz. Raw Mountain Wildflower Honey

Our rich golden liquid honey is the miraculous product of our honey bees from the Teton Mountain ranges of Idaho. Straight from our hive to your home, our Raw Wildflower honey is a full-flavored honey that has a sweet flowery flavor, and very mild earthy taste. Its aroma is delicate, sweet, and flowery with hints of fresh morning dew.

This raw honey will pair well with any mountain dish transporting your taste buds back to the wild.


This specialty honey come from the Teton Valley regions of Idaho.

Tasting Notes

Wildflower honey is made by bees that have collected nectar from a local source of wildflowers. The taste and composition of wildflower honey can vary depending upon the variety of flowers in bloom at the time the honey is made.

Our wildflower is a slightly darker honey but can vary with each year’s blooms. Wildflower honey is light and fruity yet richly flavored at the same time. The mild floral flavor and sweetness of wildflower honey make it a popular sweetener for hot or cold tea. You can use it to sweeten other beverages, such as coffee, as well. Try drizzling golden wildflower honey on top of pancakes or waffles instead of maple syrup or using it on muffins and biscuits instead of jam.


Did you know?

Wildflower honey is one of the most common kinds of honey produced.

Eating wildflower honey from the area local to you may help to decrease the symptoms of seasonal allergies caused by the pollen in your region.

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